A life settlement is the sale of an existing in-force life insurance policy to a third party for an immediate lump sum cash payment that is greater than the policy’s cash surrender value. The life settlement industry arose as answer to the failure of the life insurance industry to address the needs of policyholders seeking alternatives to surrender or abandonment of their policies.

Individuals selling policies are typically over the age of 65 and own whole life, universal life or term life policies with a conversion feature.  The amount a policyholder will receive for his policy depends on age, medical condition, the type of policy, the strength of the insurance company issuing the policy and the cost of the premiums.

Investments in life settlements are considered an attractive asset class for the institutional investor. As an “uncorrelated asset” their performance is not tied to other asset classes such as equities and commodities or the health of the economy. Investments in the mortality and longevity asset class can afford investors attractive returns and diversification, but investments in these assets require careful  due diligence.

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