Structured Settlement Factoring Exposé – Minnesota Star Tribune


Kudos to a group of investigative journalists at the Minnesota Star Tribune for what is to be a four part series on abuses in the structured settlement factoring industry. The interactive article, with the first two parts published on October 3, 2021 is a wealth of data on more than 700 cases approved by Minnesota judges, as well as the personal stories of individuals impacted by some of those cases.

As pointed out by the Star Tribune, “In Minnesota, records show that one in eight transactions approved by local judges involved a seller with documented mental health problems. Many of those individuals received settlements after suffering traumatic brain injuries that permanently disrupted their lives.”

Further, according to the Star Tribune, “In interviews conducted over the past two years, a dozen judges complained about an approval process that seems stacked in favor of the settlement purchasing companies, with key information — such as civil commitment records — usually left out of files.”

Check back for additional posts on this exposé after Parts 2 -4 are published.